National Museum Niš

Department for Study of Literary Heritage

Stevan Sremac’s Collection contains Sremac’s autographs, personal items, artistic paintings and lithographs, photographs, geographical maps and several pieces of furniture from the writer’s study in Belgrade, as well as his personal library with 447 books. Also, there are 16 manuscripts by Jovan Đorđević, the writer of our national anthem.

1,649 items were inventoried in the Collection of Branko Miljković including the poet’s personal library which consists of 589 books. The collection contains autographs of poems, translations, essays, notes from period of his studies and gymnasium, documents, correspondence, newspaper archives, personal items, photographs and pieces of furniture from the poet’s study in Belgrade.

The legacy of the poet Ljiljana Bibović has been in the National Museum since 2019. There are 272 autographs of poems, essays and translations in the collection. 

The manuscript notebook of Gordana Todorović is exhibited in a permanent literary-memorial exhibition. 

The collections of Stevan Sremac and Branko Miljković were declared cultural property of great importance in 2014.