National Museum Niš

Synagogue Gallery

The synagogue in Davidova Street was built in 1925 on the site of the old synagogue that burnt down in a fire on August 15, 1879. The synagogue was used as a religious object until World War II when about 400 Jews lived in Niš. After the war, in which most of the Jews died, it was not used for a long time. One of the few surviving Jews, Majo Mevorah, cleaned and maintained the synagogue until 1948, and after his departure for Israel, the building was closed and left to the ravages of time. Later, the Jewish Municipality sold it to the city authorities, so it was used as a gallery space, and after an extensive restoration in 2009, it was turned into an exhibition space of the National Museum. Due to its architectural and historical values the synagogue was placed under state protection in 1986.