National Museum Niš

Stevan Sremac/Branko Miljković Literary Memorial Exhibition

After many years, during which the permanent exhibitions of the memorial rooms of Stevan Sremac and Branko Miljković were denied to the public due to lack of space, in April 2018, they were opened to the public. Due to the efforts of the City of Niš leaders the National Museum was allocated space at 2a, Aleksandra Nenadovića Street.

The legacy of Stevan Sremac has been in the Museum since 1951 thanks to two people from Niš, Aleksandar Nenadović (museum manager) and Bora Gojković (a lawyer from Niš). Almost the entire legacy was purchased from Milorad Pavlović Krpa, a friend of Stevan Sremac, and handed over to the Museum, which has been taking care of it to this day. The legacy contains personal items, manuscripts, the writer’s library, and some manuscripts of Sremac’s uncle Jovan Đorđević. The permanent exhibition presents the reconstructed ambience of Stevan Sremac’s study, as well as the original manuscripts of this famous writer.

            In 1971, the family of Branko Miljković donated the poet’s legacy to Niš National Museum, with the note: Dear Niš citizens, Branko did not manage to return to you, but his work and his study did. Take care of his things, because from today it is yours (mother Marija, father Gligorije, brother Dragiša Miljković). The legacy includes personal items, photographs, manuscripts, as well as the poet’s library. The reconstructed study room of the poet is exhibited, as well as a part of the aforementioned manuscripts, library and personal items.